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Featured Reviews

Peruse these anonymous in-depth school reviews and take a peek at what The Schoolhouse Grapevine has to offer. These featured reviews are available for all users. Become a member of The Schoolhouse Grapevine to access the entire database of school reviews.

Review Criteria

Under School Ratings, each item is rated on a scale of 1-5.

3: Average

Neutral experience. Neither positive nor negative. Met basic expectations.

1: Terrible

Avoid at all costs. This experience was detrimental to my professional development and well-being.

4: Positive

Exceeded expectations. This experience was valuable and contributed to my growth.

2: Disappointing

Not what I expected. This experience fell short of my expectations and needs.

5: Excellent

Outstanding experience. This was the best possible experience I could have hoped for.

There are two types of reviewed positions that can be filtered: Leadership Position or Teaching Position.

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