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The Schoolhouse Grapevine

Featuring Independent (Private) School Reviews in the U.S.A.
For Educators - By Educators

The Schoolhouse Grapevine is a community in which teachers and school leaders anonymously share their in-depth employment experiences at individual schools in the United States.

Reviews are available for all Schoolhouse Grapevine site members!

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A Community

The Schoolhouse Grapevine is a community of educators that shares valuable insider information about independent schools they currently work at, or schools they have worked at in the past.

Leaders and teachers, share anonymous insights about schools you work at (or schools you've worked at) to help fellow educators make informed career decisions. Spill the tea (confidentially) on school culture, workload, admin support, and more!

Why The Schoolhouse Grapevine?

The Schoolhouse Grapevine is your one-stop shop for navigating the independent (private) school job market. Get the complete picture with detailed data and ratings on everything from academic standards to salary & benefits, plus insights into school culture and the local community. And don’t forget, you can add your voice to the mix by sharing your own experiences!

Featured Reviews

Featured Reviews displays examples of the in-depth data that is collected from reviewers. Click on the button to preview Featured Reviews provided by The Schoolhouse Grapevine. Membership is not required to preview Featured Reviews.

Read Reviews

Uncover the truth about school culture, workload, pay, perks, and more with TSG's anonymous reviews. Make informed career moves with insider insights you can't find anywhere else. Join TSG for full access!

Schools Reviewed

Unlock the hidden world of independent (private) schools with The Schoolhouse Grapevine! Our exclusive database of reviews, launched in January 2024, empowers educators to make informed employment choices. Join today and gain unrivaled access to schools that have already been reviewed, which is an invaluable resource, growing day by day!


Dive into our blog and op-ed page for a thought-provoking journey! We explore diverse education topics through expert insights, valuable employment information, and fresh perspectives. Find something for everyone, from seasoned professionals to curious minds. Let us inspire and inform you!

Membership is not required to post a review.

TSG: Your secret weapon for career success. Get the inside scoop and insider knowledge to ace your job search. Membership is free until August 31, 2024. A credit card is not required to join.

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